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Well, I've already got a Wordpress account. I've got a LiveJournal account and I'm an admin on a site which has a blogging section.

It seems only right that I join yet another blogging system. This one is different, though. It massaged my ego. It clearly states that it's aimed at creative people.

Now, I'm not exactly creative - I just copy creativity, but I'm accurate, which in a sense makes me creative, as I creatively do not put my own spin on something.



I've no idea what a blog is supposed to be about, even though I find that I read them all the time. I read blogs about Microsoft Exchange, but I've little to add on the subject. I read blogs about innovative technologies, but I'm not in that circle and I don't want to just copy 'un-creatively'.

So, my first blog, in keeping with the "creative" nature of this Dreamwidth site, is for my new pet.

I call him Larry.

Larry is a mech. A robot. And he's currently being built from polygons. Lots of them, although I've no idea how many. I could check, but that would involve opening software, loading files, etc.

So lets just say that at the moment, he's got about 30% of his total polygons, with the actual total being an entirely unrealistic number and probably a lot higher than I intend.

So, that's Larry.

In other news...

Google have announced GoogleOS. It's going to be based on a core Linux kernel (read as: open source) and it's going to be based around the concept that applications will either be in the cloud or at least web based. It's also likely going to be free, either supported by advertising from Google's mammoth advertising back-ends or it'll be supported by paid additions (read as: GoogleOS Ultimate).

It'll be aimed at netbooks but compatible with vendor hardware for desktops and laptops also. Meaning Granny who just wants email and web can run this happily on her quad core x86 architecture chipset that she was sold at Best Buy.

Bloggers everywhere are hailing Google as having dropped the ultimate bomb on Microsoft today. "Oh noes", was the cry, "they'll topple Microsoft."



So, GoogleOS is going to run all my Windows based applications, is it? Visual Studio will run on it. It's going to integrate with all of my network security such as Group Policies and Active Directory?

Awesome. So, it'll of course support DirectX for all my games.


Oh, that's right. All of those are Microsoft technologies. All of those are closed source. All of those run on Windows.

Now, don't get me wrong. I see the market for this. Netbooks for someone who is travelling a lot and self employed, or a professional blogger or writer. Great. It's not going to replace Windows on the desktop. It's not going to replace Windows in the corporate network. It's not even going to replace Windows on the laptop.


Because Windows, as slow and monolithic as it may be, is supported. There is a bucket load of software which runs on it. Purchased software which represents not only a financial investment but an investment of time to learn and master. It's integrated on corporate networks which can't and won't change overnight to another OS simply because it's more secure / faster. If that was the case, we'd all be running Linux.

Google - it's a great idea, and I applaud you for adding competition to a stale arena, but it's in no way a threat to Microsoft. At most, it'll result in a loss of revenue on Windows XP for Netbooks. I doubt that's going to be something they cry too much about. Netbooks will no doubt be either a passing phase for someone or something used on the metro commute - they won't replace an office desktop or a well rounded laptop.



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